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At MacEwan University, we want to stay connected with our alumni. The Alumni office offers benefits and services that will ease your way into the workforce, help you meet your fitness goals or make a night out on the town a bit more affordable. We host events that will help you stay connected with classmates. We celebrate your connection to an exciting past and a future of possibility.

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Party Planner

No need to lose touch after you graduate. We can help you connect with your fellow alumni, ensuring the best turnout possible for your reunion gala, casual book club evening or night of theatre. Tell us about your party plans and let us lend a hand.


Trip planning and travel insurance

Holiday planning has never been easier. Let Manulife help you find the best rates on flights, vacation packages, travel insurance and more.

Buy a seat, support the arts

Purchase a seat in one of our exciting new downtown performance venues—the Triffo Theatre or the Betty Andrews Recital Hall. When you donate $500 or more, you can choose a name to be displayed on the seat you purchase.

Alumni Theatre seats in the Haar Theatre......